grow customer engagement by at least 5x

PaySquad helps friends, families and coworkers split the cost of their cart, right at your checkout. It’s the first buy now, pay together.


Increase AOV and high value sales


Scale customer engagement >5x


Enhance your customer experience

Shoppers on your site can pay by card,
they can pay by digital wallet,
they can even pay later…
but can they pay together?

In a time of rising inflation and cost of living pressures, a whopping 29% of Gen Z are splitting their payments everyday. Here’s the thing — your store isn’t tapping into this trend yet. Imagine unlocking larger cart sizes and multiplied engagement as you connect with a whole community of customers, all through featuring PaySquad group payments at your checkout.

Embrace the future of shopping, where everyone wins.

How Paysquad works

Screenshot of Shoppers select PaySquad at checkout

Shoppers select PaySquad at checkout

Look out for us when you checkout. We're next to other payment options like AfterPay and Credit/Debit card.

Screenshot of person inviting their friends to contribute

They invite their friends to contribute

Share the link and invite your Squad to contribute. Sit back and watch them make contributions in real time — no app required.

Image of a successful group payment


The sale is completed and we pay you directly to your bank account via EFT.

The PaySquad experience:

Shop. Share. Smile. It's that simple. With PaySquad at your store's checkout, every shopper can initiate a group purchase. No more chasing payments or complex logistics – just smooth, secure transactions that boost your bottom line.

What's next?

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Seamless Integration

Incorporate PaySquad into your checkout at no additional cost, with guidance from our user-friendly setup instructions and partners. Our team is available to assist throughout the process.

Start accepting PaySquad

Experience the power of groups at your checkout. We ensure your payouts are processed quickly and securely.


How can I integrate PaySquad into my checkout?

We would love to explore this with you! Get started here or send an email to 📬

Are you another BNPL?

No. PaySquad helps consumers split the cost of their cart with their group. Instead of paying in instalments, they pay with friends, family or colleagues.

What value does PaySquad bring me?

PaySquad group payments actively lead to bigger carts and extended reach.

Bigger carts are achieved by leveraging the collective buying power of multiple contributors; enabling people to make purchases at your store that normally would have been outside their price point.

PaySquad also helps you extend your reach as each person who starts a PaySquad invites (on average) at least 5 other people to be a part of the transaction. You have three opportunities to connect with contributors to get sign-ups to your mailing list/loyalty program, show related items, or offer a unique discount on their next purchase.

When would retail customers use this?

Shoppers are already using PaySquad to buy together for occasions such as:

  • Birthdays
  • Wedding Registries
  • Baby Showers
  • Anniversaries
  • Coworker gifts
  • Gaming/sporting/hobby niches
  • Empathetic gifts
  • Family Christmas purchases
  • Shared ownership
  • Bulk buying
  • and so much more!

How difficult is it to integrate PaySquad into my checkout?

In most cases, integrating PaySquad into your checkout is just as simple as integrating a BNPL. Our current partnerships allow a faster process for merchants using Magento, Commerce Cloud, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.


You only pay for successful sales with PaySquad, and it’s at a rate that’s lower than your BNPL. Integration and support are free and as your PaySquad transactions increase, you have the option to renegotiate your rate as you grow your business.

How common are group payments?

Group payments are increasingly becoming a part of everyday life. According to Forbes, 60% of adults aged 18-25 and 58% aged 26-to-41 are turning to payment apps for bill-splitting at least once a week. 29% of Gen Z are splitting bills each day. This is only increasing due to our current cost of living crisis.

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